A.Z. Hollink South Africa distributes Stieber, world leader of backstops and freewheels. Throughout its long history Stieber has been familiar with all types of freewheel designs such as roller and sprag variants and consistently led the way in developing new designs and technologies. They have an unmatched ability in the field of overrunning clutches, built on the long experience of a team of qualified engineers and always seeking the best answers in design and manufacture. Alongside a continuous programme of product development unique solutions have been found over the years including: - Encased overrunning clutches lubricated and cooled by internal oil circulation without the need for a pump. - Overrunning clutches that may be disengaged either manually or pneumatically. - Irreversible locks. A novel adaptation of the freewheel principle. - and more than 3,000 special designs developed for specific customer requirements. We can supply anything from 0.8 to 1.7 million Nm so you can be sure of finding the best solution, whatever the application.

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