Stromag enjoys global demand as an engineering partner and parts supplier for switchable couplings and brakes, industrial disc brakes, highly flexible couplings, multi plate systems, and gear-cam limit switches. Following decades of successful core competences on the market, Stromag is now channelling this established knowhow into its profile as an innovative engineering partner on selected growth sectors. For a number of years, one integral constituent of this strategy has been the focus on "Engineering for Efficiency". With creative developments and products providing sustainable contributions to the protection of resources, Stromag supports leading equipment manufacturers in the capital goods industries on their course into the future.


Highly flexible rubber-fabric couplings compensating for shaft displacements; shaft-shaft, flange-shaft for radial, axial, and angular displacements

Periflex® shaft couplings are designed specifically for use in steel mills, high capacity cranes, and roller conveyor drives. Other application fields are general machinery; the building machinery, mining, and paper machinery industries; shipbuilding; and plant construction.

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