Suco Centrifugal Coupling / brake type P

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Datasheet UK

Flyweights are normally mounted so that they can pivot on pins , which are fitted to a flange.

There are tension springs which restrain neighbouring flyweights until centrifugal force overcomes the springforce. Then the fly weights lift from their seats and the bonded linings contact the inside diameter of the clutch drum.

Due to the asymmetric arrangement of the flyweights, the torque that can be transmitted by this type of clutch depends on the direction of rotation.


P-Type clutches are extremely narrow.

In addition, the asymmetric pivot clutch is the quietest-running clutch in the SUCO product range. For this type of clutch, the performance factor for torque transmission is ca. 1.75 or ca. 1.25 depen- ding on the direction of rotation.