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As a key decision maker or buyer in industry, you should have your diary marked to attend one of the most important local business-to-business events of the year. taking place from 23 - 26 July 2013, theKwaZulu - Natal industrial technology Exhibition will provide a dedicated forum for industry decision makers to meet technology leaders and to find out more about solutions available. 

Also AZ Hollink South Africa will present you some new brands and products. We are looking forward to welcome you on our booth C8 Hall 2. Pre-register online at 


AZ Hollink TB Wood's European partner.

AZ Hollink is TB Wood's European partner for Sure-Flex, Dura-Flex and Formflex couplings.

AZ Hollink South Africa was on Electra Mining 2012

Ranked as the second largest mining show in the world and with global recognition for its broad reach across mining, construction, industrial and power generation industry sectors, Electra Mining Africa once again proves its status as a world-class event attracting high numbers of quality exhibitors and visitors, both benefiting from the platform created to showcase the latest in products, services, technologies and trends.

We were present with AZ Hollink South Africa on Marquee 1, Terrace 1, Booth C4
10-14 September 2012
Expo Centre, Nasrec, JHB, South Africa


Couplings for wastewater services...

Couplings play a critical role in wastewater processing; Dura-Flex couplings from TB Woods help to prevent coupling failure from exposure to UV radiation.

Waste water facilities face many tough operating conditions every day. Easily processing many hundreds of millions of gallons each day, they operate on a continuous cycle whilst being exposed to water, chemicals, high shock loads and extreme temperatures. Couplings play an important role in wastewater processing by controlling vibration, minimizing misalignment and reducing maintenance costs. While they should operate maintenance free for many years, poorly specified couplings can fail which leads to lengthy downtime.

A wastewater facility in New York City was regularly suffering premature failure of couplings; personnel had become resigned to the fact that this was unavoidable due to the heavy duty nature of the application. As well as the high loads and harsh chemicals that they are subjected to, couplings are exposed to UV radiation constantly throughout the day. The sunlight was causing the elastomeric flex element of the couplings to crack and peel, leading to unit failure.

The plant superintendant comments: "We had tried a number of different couplings in our final tanks; none of them could handle seasonal temperatures or UV exposure. After repeated failures with different products we just assumed that the nature of the application meant that the couplings would have a short operating life."

During a routine maintenance and repair inspection, an outside contractor was informed of the recurring coupling failures and was able to recommend TB Woods' Dura-Flex couplings. The Dura-Flex products employ a light-weight element that absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration; the flexible polyurethane material has been specially formulated to withstand the effects of UV radiation making it an ideal solution for applications that are situated outdoors. The material is highly resistant to chemicals and requires no lubrication which made it the idea long-life / low maintenance solution for the wastewater facility.

The plant superintendant continues: "Since we were recommended the Dura-Flex we haven't had a problem with unexpectedly short ware times and my maintenance staff is very pleased. Today we have more than 25 of the couplings operating 24/7 365 days a year. I now understand that it is critical in outdoor applications that require couplings to make the right choice."

About Altra Industrial Motion Inc.

Altra Industrial Motion, Inc, is a leading multinational designer, producer and marketer of a wide range of mechanical power transmission products. The company brings together strong brands covering over 40 product lines with production facilities in nine countries and sales coverage in over 70 countries. Altra’s leading brands include Warner Electric, Matrix International Wichita Clutch, Stieber Clutch, Twiflex Limited, Bibby Transmissions, Huco Dynatork, TB Wood's, Formsprag Clutch, Ameridrives Couplings, Industrial Clutch, Boston Gear, Marland Clutch, Nuttall Gear, Inertia Dynamics, Warner Linear, Kilian Manufacturing and Bauer Gear Motor. Altra Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:AIMC), a leading global supplier of clutch brakes, couplings, gearing, belted drives, linear actuators and power transmission components. 

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AZ Hollink South Africa appointed as distributor for RENK Hanover in Sub-Saharan Africa


WELLINGTON, South Africa – April 16th, 2012
As from April 1st 2012, AZ Hollink South Africa is the sole representative for RENK Hanover in South Africa and authorized dealer for Sub-Saharan Africa. With this designation, the world’s market leader in slide bearings and pin bush couplings reinforces its service throughout the continent. For AZ Hollink it certainly means a big step in the internationalization and growth of the Dutch group.


This intensified collaboration between AZ Hollink and the German manufacturer did not come out of the blue. For years, AZ Hollink has been one of the main RENK-distributors in Europe.  As a result of its international policy, AZ Hollink has been able to expand its representation activities from the Netherlands into Belgium, France and Luxembourg. In 2010, AZ Hollink put up a subsidiary in Wellington, South Africa, to target the local heavy and mining industry.


The new collaboration for Sub-Saharan Africa should result in more growth for both parties. Dieter Spillebeen, director of the AZ Hollink Group: “We know the products of RENK thoroughly. We consider the manufacturer as a one of our closest, most loyal partners. They are therefore an important part of our strategy. To meet all terms in acquiring this new agency, we also reorganized our headquarters in the Netherlands. As from now on, the Dutch employees of AZ Hollink will focus solely on technical and commercial support for our foreign subsidiaries and all RENK-questions worldwide. A second and new sister company, European Transmission Company, will handle all other brands and questions. Our branch office in South Africa also sells some of those brands.


For RENK Hanover, the new agreement is expected to significantly increase the turnover in the 38 African countries. Markus Trautmann of RENK: “We can now offer the close follow-up that our products require, thanks to the partnership with AZ Hollink for our African market. Too often we were facing problems with fake bearings. For a precision part such as a RENK-slide bearing, it is strongly advised to only use original parts. We like to point out: similar is not the same! Tolerances are very accurate. If for any reason a client decides to overhaul a bearing, it is recommended that is done by the Hanover factory. If any bearing part is up for revision, AZ Hollink can advise as our official agent. Also, a bearing shall only be overhauled once. After that, tolerances are unlikely be maintained. In 95% of all cases, only new bearing or new parts will lead to a solution. This will have an effect on the lifetime, efficiency and most importantly, reliability of the machine and thus the production. In the end a slide bearing is one of the most crucial parts in the drivetrain.”


AZ Hollink holds a large stock in their offices in Wellington. The official sole distribution for South Africa started on April 1st 2012.

Original Sure-Flex for a two times longer lifetime compared to competitive couplings!

Recent tests show a at least two times longer lifetime for TB Wood's original Sure-Flex coupling compared to competition. TB Wood's unparralleled rubber quality quarentees the lowest vibritions!