25 November 2016

AZ Hollink is proud to have BRUSH as a key customer for more then 15 years. BRUSH is the largest independent manufacturer of turbo generators in the world with manufacturing plants  in de UK, The Netherlands and Czech Republic, and with customers across all continents, BRUSH has a truly good presence. Each manufacturing plant has been designated as a Centre of Excellence for the design and manufacture of high voltage generators, power management systems, excitation systems and motors (including synchronous, submersible and other special types).
Further BRUSH offers support for all its products by means of a global Aftermarket solution, providing support 365 days of the year, including replacement parts, servicing, maintenance and upgrades.

Dating back to 1882 and a pedigree of Smit Slikkerveer, Holec Machines and HMA Power Systems, BRUSH in The Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for the design and manufacture of high voltage 4-pole synchronous generators from 10 up to 65 MVA. BRUSH  NL supplied over 540 machines worldwide for the utility and industrial market, cogeneration, CHP and Oil & Gas exploration.
The 4-pole synchronous generators are driven by gas or steam turbines or aero derivative turbines.  
BRUSH NL also manufactures specialist submersible motors, traction motors and provides service capabilities for numerous makes and types of large electrical rotating machines.

BRUSH in The Netherlands is an essential part of the BRUSH group, adding bespoke specialist capabilities to its New Build and Aftermarket services.