Original RENK-parts


Too often we face problems with fake bearings. For a precision part such as a RENK slide bearing it is strongly advised to only use original parts.  We like to point out: similar is not the same!”

Tolerances are small and need to be very accurate. If for any reason a client decides to overhaul a bearing, it is recommended that the RENK Hanover factory does this. If any bearing part is up for revision, A.Z. Hollink as the official agent can advise as to the viability of this expense. Also a bearing should only be overhauled once. After that the precise tolerances are unlikely to be achieved, as heat distortion will ruin the product. In 95% of all cases, only a new bearing and or parts will lead to a long-term solution. Failing to use the expertly revised or new parts will have a negative effect on the lifetime, efficiency and most importantly reliability of the drive train where the RENK product is part of.

Remember in the end a slide bearing is one of the most crucial parts in your ability to provide service to your customer.


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