Exclusive RENK Agent

A.Z. Hollink South Africa is the sole representative for RENK Hannover in South Africa and authorized dealer for all RENK-products in Sub-Saharan Africa. With this designation, the world’s market leader in slide bearings, couplings and gear boxes reinforces its service throughout the continent. 

The collaboration for Sub-Saharan Africa, agreed upon on April 1st 2012 results in more growth for both parties. Dieter Spillebeen, director of the A.Z. Hollink Group: “We know the products of RENK thoroughly. We consider the manufacturer (RENK) as one of our closest, most loyal partners. They are therefore an important part of our strategy.  For RENK Hannover, the agreement is significantly increased the turnover in the 38 African countries”.  Markus Trautmann for RENK: “We can now offer the close follow-up that our products require, thanks to the partnership with A.Z. Hollink for our African market. Too often we were facing problems with fake bearings. For a precision part such as a RENK-slide bearing, it is strongly advised to only use original parts.  A.Z. Hollink provides such original parts”.  A.Z. Hollink South Africa  was also assigned as the authorized dealer for other RENK factories.


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