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Couplings, slide bearings, brakes, clutches and industrial transmission components is what you are looking for? This is what we at A.Z. Hollink South Africa offer: the largest variety of industrial transmission products.

We have gathered an extensive knowledge in various market areas such as the industrial, agricultural, mining, printing even shipbuilding and power generating industry. Quality, service, customer focus and a personal approach is what we offer.

AZ Hollink South Africa is associated with the A.Z. Hollink Group, an exclusive international specialist in mechanical transmission components comprising of four companies: A.Z. Hollink BV, European Transmission Company (ETC), A.Z. Hollink Belgium and A.Z. Hollink South Africa.

AZ Hollink South Africa offers a large variety of transmission products and together with its European links is one of the worlds largest RENK-distributors. They are also the sole agent and distributor of RENK HANOVER for Sub-Saharan Africa.

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